About Us

Who We Are?

Keeping you clean, compliant, efficient and productive is always our objective. From food processing facilities to poultry farms, breweries to beverage manufacturers, dairies to bakeries, restaurants to food retailers, AFCO brings diverse industry expertise to every project. Our experienced Customer Care Representatives take pride in working alongside our clients to implement programs and solutions that help improve their programs while controlling costs.

Commitment to our Customers

Our company commitment is simple, we PROMISE and DELIVER. We take all necessary steps to ensure our promises are fulfilled and we only promise what we can deliver. Do we sometimes stumble across issues? Yes, but our commitment is to immediately address them and come up with workable solution to meet our program commitments.

Support Structure

We take tremendous pride in our team. We hand-pick industry professionals with QA, Sanitation or Plant Management experience. Hands-on plant experience is the most important asset our representatives bring to the table backed by a team of support professionals. We have three layers of service management:

  • Layer 1. Your Customer Care Specialist
  • Layer 2. Regional VP's
  • Layer 3. Senior VP's and CEO

We provide our clients with a direct link to the top of our 'food chain'. Customer Care Specialists are supported by our micro lab, equipment group and action teams if necessary.

Our Approach

Service with Purpose is our goal. Frequency of service does not guarantee results that's why our service objectives are clearly outlined in our customer agreements. Focused service backed by our InfoBase service reporting & communication tool ensures your operation is constantly moving towards your plant objectives.

Customer Satisfaction by Market

Cheese 98%

Meat & Poultry 95%

Eqq & Dairy 100%

Bakery 97%