Programs Information

Dairy Program

AFCO Dairy Programs focus on unique CIP requirements and product specific sanitation solutions. We provide dairy specific CIP training, chemistry and support ensuring plants meet their operational and government requirements. In the unlikely event our CCS run in to issues outside of their expertise, dairy team of experts will come in and support our service team. 'We promise and deliver' is not only our company slogan but our approach to every customer. We have the privilege to work along the side of top dairy brands supporting their operational goals and food safety programs.

Meat & Poultry Program

Our team of Meat & Poultry experts range from from sanitation managers, QA managers & plant managers with many years of food safety and sanitation experience. We will address any meat & poultry related issue you are dealing with and deliver solutions. We understand the unique labor intensive areas of your sanitation process and strive to automate as much of the cleaning process as possible. AFCO equipment group can manufacture & install wide range of tools starting with a simple foamer to a complex CIP system with process controls.

Beverage & Brewery Program

Our Beverage experts can come in to your operation and develop customized sanitation programs to meet and in many cases exceed your goals. We will work alongside your Management, QA and Sanitation Associates to assist you with your sanitation needs. In addition to our sanitation programs, we have water treatment & purification capabilities plus wet & dry lube programs.

Bakery Program

Bakery sanitation is unique requiring balanced approach with wet & dry based chemistry to ensure facilities are clean up to standards. Special care is given to soft metals throughout the operation to ensure corrosion-free environment. Our customer base consist of many satisfied bakery operations including national and international brands.

Food & Other

Our food related expertise extend to all other industries such as fish & seafood, egg industry, candy producers, fruit & vegetable operations, chips & confectionery plants. If your end product is food related - we can deliver customized sanitation program backed by a full line of chemicals, equipment and experts to deliver real results.

Water Care
  1. In-depth analysis, evaluations and treatment plan development based on unique market needs and industry requirements.
  2. Comprehensive service packages and programs to control scale, corrosion and biological problems while enhancing the economy of operations at your facility.
  3. Boiler, cooling, wastewater, industrial effluent and process water programs to reduce costs and environmental risks.
  4. Application specific products and services including registered biocides and specialized formulations.
  5. Total water treatment system design and fabrication — both automated and computerized.
  6. Ongoing analysis, performance review, measurement and reporting including regular monthly service visits, written service reports, personnel training, in-house laboratory support services, and chemistries conforming to FDA, USDA, and EPA standards and system plant requirements.