Training Information

In-House Training by AFCO

We perform all standard In-House sanitation safety & chemical training sessions as required by our customers. Training frequency is determined by the customer needs and turnover rates. At minimum, we perform annual training sessions with sanitation associates and management. We also provide all of our customers with access to our training website for follow up training & certification.

AFCO Training Center

Our Training Center is equipped with the latest projection and communication technology to comfortably accommodate 35 trainees. We offer a wide range of training sessions targeting specific industry or process. Our state of the art training facility is equipped with a fully functional CIP system featuring clear lines and wash tank allowing students to observe spray ball patterns and flow variations. With this technology we can fully train multiple operators and give them 'hands-on' experience which would be impossible to do in plant setting. Call us today for availability and to setup your group training.

On-Line Training Certification

Our On-Line training site is available to all AFCO customers free of charge. Simply send us a list of employees designated for training and we will provide each with login credentials and enroll them in all AFCO training modules. Each user will be required to complete each pre-determined goal and will automatically receive a certificate of completion once they pass each quiz. We also have capability to setup Custom Training Modules pre-determined by the customer. Custom modules are restricted to public access.

Training DVD

We shoot and produce our own Training Videos based on many years of sanitation safety & food processing experience. Our Customer Care Specialists & managers average 25+ years of food safety & sanitation experience. Our Training DVDs are in plain English or Spanish and to-the-point. Our goal is that all sanitation employees are able to follow and learn from the instructions. We have the capability to produce custom training videos for hard-to-clean equipment to ensure consistency across operations.

Red Flags Program

Red Flags program is available to our customers at no charge. This program is a one-page training program identifying common issues found in food processing operations. Each Red Flag contains image of the problem, detailed description, potential impact to your operation and related commonly asked audit questions packed in to one-page flyer. Flyers can be printed and posted on your break room wall to raise food safety & sanitation awareness. We have the capability to audit your facility and create your own custom Red Flags.

2016 Training Videos

Sanitation Steps | 2016

English | 6:12

GHS & SDS Files | 2016

English | 9:45

Sanitation Safety | 2016

English | 8:52

PPE | 2016

English | 5:51

Lock Out / Tag Out | 2016

English | 4:52

Current Training Utilization

In-House by AFCO | 100%

Training Center | 55%

On-Line | 70%

AFCO DVD by Customers | 65%

Red Flags | 45%