CCT 400

AFCO CCT 400 (6051) is a heavy duty chlorinated alkaline gel (thin film) cleaner. Because of its unique formulation, AFCO CCT 400 is a clear, low viscosity liquid in its concentrated (undiluted) form, but when mixed with water at the recommended use concentration it becomes a viscous gel solution. This gel solution forms a thin film of cleaner on the surface of the equipment resulting in prolonged contact time on the soiled surface. AFCO CCT 400 provides a long dwell time on all surfaces including vertical and complex shapes, providing a long contact time combined with easy rinsing and cost effective results. It is especially effective on irregular or rough surfaces where standard foams struggle to achieve coverage. Using AFCO CCT 400 in place of conventional foam cleaners can result in more thorough and effective cleaning with a reduction in cleaning time, and labor costs. AFCO CCT 400 is primarily intended for cleaning and removing fatty and greasy soils, protein, and blood from food processing equipment in the meat, poultry, dairy, and beverage industries . AFCO CCT 400 can be used for any cleaning job which is usually done with a conventional chlorinated alkaline foam cleaner.